Too late to transplant?

Pete Bog

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I have a number of mixed two year old seedlings grown in trays that are beginning to look overcrowded is it too late in the season to pot these up individually. I think I read somewhere that root disturbance whilst growing can set Sarra's back if that's the case would it be best to just leave them overcrowded for this year and pot on earlier next spring?



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I wouldnt say so, they dont get into full growth until the start of June, i recently repotted two Sarracenias and a Venus Fly Trap about a week or two ago so you should be fine, but if your unsure its probably best to leave them, i do have a few which need seperating but didnt get round to doing it this year so im going to leave it until next spring =)

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Same here,i have a few left to repot that are two years old.I will do them next week when i'm off with the kids.

it won't hurt them at all,in a few weeks they'll put a growing spurt on and you'll wonder why you even asked.


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Well it was my day off today and with heavy showers on and off all day (thankful mind you as the rain barrels are getting low) we had a potting up session. Still some more to do but run out of pots, no bench space in the greenhouse so had to make do in the kitchen.

Most are from a mixed packet so will be interesting to see what I end up with. The ones at the back mainly red are known crosses, selection of Ping leaf pulls on the windowsill taken in February and coming on nicely.

These were stratified in the fridge around August 2009 and sown in October then grown indoors under lights through both winters.


Sarracenia seedlings mid potting up session by arbygfx, on Flickr

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