Heat tolerant South Americans

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Which of the South American sundews can tolerate almost 30 celcius heat on day and about 18 degrees celsius on night?

Only one I'm knowing at the moment is D. intermedia 'Gran Sabana' which seems to really enjoy these conditions I'm providing it. At the moment this plant is going to flower it's first time for me. Plant is grown with some African sundews which seem to enjoy these conditions too. I've already got almost all African and Australian sundews that I ever wanted and that's why it is time to gather some South Americans.

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I kept D.montana under constantly warm conditions and they were doing OK. Also D.felix and D.roraimae did grow under such conditions for me. D.camporupestris was doing best in a highland setup though, it didn't look well in the warm terrarium. Didn't grow D.graomogolensis or D.villosa.


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Any information about how heat tolerant D. camporupestris, D. felix, D. graomogolensis, D. montana and D. villosa are?

About the Brazillian Drosera species you mentioned:

D. graomogolensis is very heat tolerant, since its a lowlander species, growing around 700 mts ASL It can withstand temperatures well above 35 celsius.

D. montana is very tolerant to a variety of temperature ranges. it grows from 500 mts to 2.350 mts ASL. It can withstand frosts and temperatures above 30 celsius

D. villosa grows between 1.400 and 1.800 mts and its a cool grower that doesn't likes temperatures above 30 celsius.

I have no precise data about D. camporupestris but from my experience it prefer temperatures on the cool side, below 30 celsius.

Other than these species you mentioned:

D. grantsauii - Very heat tolerant as D. graomogolensis

D. spiralis - depends on the origin of the plant, it can also be very tolerant as D. graomogolensis.

D. communis - also very heat tolerant if the origin of the plants is the central Brazil plateau. The southern populations are more cool to intermediate growers

D. tomentosa var. tomentosa depends on the origin of the plant. The GrĂ£o Mogol plants are very tolerant. It's overall more forgiving than var. glabrata, which is a cool to intermediate plant.

D. ascendens - A cool grower, prefers temperatures below 30 celsius

D. tentaculata - An intermetiate grower. it can withstand temperatures above 30 celsius.

Despite the heat tolerance, all these species needs an average temperature drop around 10 celsius at nigh and high humidity.

For example, D. graomogolensis in habitat can face temperatures of 35 celsius day time, but at night the temperature drops to 17 celsius and theres a lot of dew at morning.

I hope it can be usefull for you :)



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