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Ebay purchased Flava "All Green Form"


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Hello all,

I bought a plant off of ebay last week being sold as Flava All Green Form.

It was stated in the listing that the plant on sale was a Flava (All-Green Form / Heterophylla) and i did even ask the seller if the plant ever showed ANY redness or pinkness at all in the pitchers, winter leaves or old growth ie an antho free plant just to be sure before bidding.

I got a message back saying the plant has never shown any coloration in the time they have owned it...

Now then it arrived and without having to fully unwrap it i could see it is deff not a heterophylla / antho free plant,

What do you guys n gals think?

A typical looking Flava or an all green / heterophylla form as stated?








Am i missing something or am i correct in thinking there is no way this could be a true Flava All Green Form / Heterophylla form?

Cheers guys,


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Hi, you're correct in your suspicions, there's definitely some anthocyanin in there so it's probably a var maxima. True anthocyanin free flavas are still very scarce (and usually very expensive). I have one and a few other Sarra species and you never see even the slightest hint of red or pink, particularly on the new emerging shoots. There are 4 flava antho free clones: 'Suspicion'; Shalotte, North Carolina; Georgia and Telogia Florida.

Cheers, Ian

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This has been done before on e-bay,the seller advertises it as an "all green form",she or sorry he doesn't say it is anthocyanin free though.

Stuart i'm afraid you've been had.

This is why you must only buy plants from trusted growers.especially the rarer clones.

Not many people have these plants yet,that is why they are still quite expensive and as we all know some people are all too quick to make a fast buck.

The warning signs were there Stuart,just look,a large what looks multi crowned plant,surely they would have split it?if it was so rare.

Ian,any more info on the Georgia form?


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Ada, I came across a mention of it in a post on the ICPS forum by Carl Mazur wher he referred to it as: the Bill Scholl clone from SW GA

I'm taking the GA as the standard american abbreviation for Georgia.

For those that might be interested here's the complete list he gave:

S. alata one clone from AL

S. psittacina from Gulf Co. FL = Wewahitchka

S. psittacina from Baldwin Co. AL

S. rubra jonesii, McClure's Bog, NC = Etowah, NC

S. rubra "ancestral" Taylor Co. GA

S. leucophylla Baldwin Co. AL

S. flava, Shallotte NC, the Bill Scholl clone from SW GA, Telogia Florida Clone - 'Suspicion' is missing here

S. purpurea f. heterophyll (all over the place)

S. leuteola, ABG clone, and Liberty Co. Clone

S. purpurea venosa (unknown)

S. minor, original plant from SW Georgia, and lot of interbreeds

S. rubra gulfensis Yellow River FL

It's the flavas and the Taylor Co. rubra I'm looking out for myself :biggrin:

Cheers, Ian

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Whilst I don't agree with what they've done, you can see the non green bits on the picture.


An £8 lesson learned, annoying but could have been worse.

Well it is a little worse, when i messaged the seller about it they say they have been selling offsets of this plant for years with no complaints at all.... many more wrongly labled plants out there in circulation, the seller has however said if im not happy with the plant i can return it to them for a refund.

At the time when i looked at the auction my pc was playing up and not displaying pictures correctly so couldnt tell for sure.

Ive got some antho free plants (not flava) and they as said above are all green with no red pigment at all, the same with my heterophylla type plants they never have any red or pink pigments.

I think i might just keep the plant anyway (re-labled as plain S. Flava obviously) as after sending it back i loose out on a further £3 odd.

Cheers for confirming my suspicions,


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I do know the grower and he is a 100% straight. So he would not have intentionally intended to mislead or mis-sell. But having obtained quite a few Neps over the years (from other sources) that turn out to be quite different to what they should have been it is a bit of a minefield out there!

I will see if he has any photos of the pitchers in full growth. And perhaps describing the plant as just all green might be safer.



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