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placing heliamphora outside


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Hello everyone,

Because of the good weather and lack of space in my terrarium, I placed my H. Nutans x Heterodoxa outside (after repotting it).

Now the plant seems to be wittering slowly...

I can't place it in my artificially lighted terrarium, as the new pot is far to big to fit in it :-)

I think it's not really the sunlight, but simply the dry air that my plant is facing now, (I give it about 3 liters of water every 2 days)

Any suggestions on what I can do?



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Why not try some sort of Propagator? This will protect the plant from breezes and keep humidity around the plant. I'm no expert on Heliamphora, but it sounds like you've given the plant quite a shocking change in it's environment.

yes I'm aware, I thought it would be tougher as it is a hybrid. No I can't place it in a propagator or cover it with a lid, because the pot is really tall and has a large diameter, but will try to build some sort of plastic housing for it tomorrow.


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