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New CP Conservational film.

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Hello Friends,

I've just returned from spending several days in the field with reknowned CP filmakers Siggi and Irmgard Hartmeyer. In a joint collaborative effort between the ICPS and the Hartmeyers, we are producing our latest conservational film which covers many hundreds of miles of CP habitats and many of the North American CP species and their status in the wild. Particularly of interest is the continued poaching of the Tate's Hell, Fl. Sarracenia leucophylla for the floral industry.

We begin part two of filming in the next few days, after a much needed rest. So until then, here's a small photo sample of some of the areas covered. Stay tuned for more!

Happy Growing,

Brian Barnes,

ICPS Director of Conservation







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Meanwhile Irmgard and I returned to Germany and thanks to Brian's perfect guidance through CP-habitats in Alabama and Florida our video-prey became pretty nice. So first of all: thank you so much Brian, for the great times in the field and also for the wonderful times at your house, recording new music for our soundtrack with your lovely wife Cherri at the drums and your good friend Tony Tresca playing bass. Thanks a lot also to Cherri and Tony.

I guess not everybody knows that Brian is not only a reputable CP-expert, but also a smokin' guitar player with rockstar experience. Therefore, as a memory of the unforgettable band evening and to underline the great mood, I photoshoped a little one of Irmgard's photos and show this first:


From the left: Siggi, Cherri, Tony, Brian.

Now Irmgard and I are very much looking forward to see your edited film including the footage on "the making of", and we will start asap to edit our CP-tour 2011 (exact title is still not defined) focussing on plants and conservation, which will also be available in high definition on blueray disc about late summer or autumn. First excerpts will soon be uploaded to our YouTube-channel.

Here are some photos of our trip, even more can be found at our website: http://www.hartmeyer.de/bilder_Florida2011_001.htm


Brian filming Sarracenia and Tony looking out for bears


Pinguicula planifolia


Video comments "in situ"


Drosera filiformis var tracyi and Sarracenia leucophylla


Sarracenia purpurea var venosa


Drosera capillaris


Sarracenia flava var rubricorpora

... and there is much more on the HDV-tapes :D

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I have yet to see wild sarracenia but I believe this will have a very large impact on peoples views and CP awareness! hope all goes well! we could do with producing a peatland conservation video in the UK to make the garden centers and nursery owners more aware of the impacts of harvesting peat.

Keep up the good work


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