Pinguicula alpina in flower near Jachenau/Germany

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yesterday we made a trip to a nearby location of P. alpina at Jachenau,+Bad+T%C3%B6lz-Wolfratshausen,+Bayern&z=12&iwloc=A

The blue gentian flowers were abundant, but with a skilled view many P. alpina were found.

Most of the habits were quite dry - as I believe due to the very dry and sunny weather we had for the last weeks.

P. alpina surrounded by gentian:


P. alpina typical flower:


slightly different coloration:



At more wet places only the flowers were seen through the dried pasture from last year:


Most plants we saw did grow on more exposed places:






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Great photos. I agree that it's early for these to flower, at least when compared with the polish populations which usually form first flower stalks in may! Again, very nice photos, thanks for sharing.


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Guest Andreas Eils

"Ja ja, so blau blau blau blüht der Enzian...." :cool:(Der gute, alte

! Irgendwie ist er Kult!) ;-)

Servus Joachim,

P. alpina is - besides P. lusitanica - my favourite among the European butter wort species. I love its flower and I am always happy to see pics of this species. Sadly I won´t ever grow it I´m afraid! :(

Kind regards


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