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Good news for once!

My D regia bought at Leiden, was doing really well following a bit of a shaky start. Then the winter. The greenhouse was -5 C and the water in the tray and the whole pot were frozen solid for 4 or 5 days. I took the plant to the office where it thawed out and then wilted and blackened and died.

Took it home and stood it on the patio - hoping for a miracle. Last week decided to throw it out and was just checking to see if the roots were alive (root cuttings I thought). Anyway to my amazement it had already done its own root cuttings and had two strong growing points!

No potted up and looking small, but perfectly formed.

Moral of the story - don't give up too easily on stuff. D regia must be a tough little thing, hope it does well.

Bad news is that a few of the Cephs have not survived, some German Giants have gone, and a couple of standard types. The one in my office is going really well though - so maybe take them in for next winter. Drosophylum also lost, a seed grown and a bought plant, the latter transplanted very well and was doing fine until the chill.

A lot of the VFTs are now multiplants – so some spares there then!

Good growing,


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