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D. cistiflora

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Wonderful plant!!

I love this drosera :)

any tip to grow/germinate it? you think that I can grow it in Brazil? thanks ;D

if you have any seeds i´d like to buy it if them grow well in my conditions

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Thanks both, i tried to pollinate them, so we will see, what happen next.

Matheus: I think, that it should be easy to grow in Brazil. Winter time (vegetation) - temps around 10 - 20 °C, lot of light, natural sun is the best, but they also grow very nice under artificial lights (but i am not sure, if they would open the flowers under lightbulbs). Pots can stand in water - and use tall pots, 20 cm tall should be enough.

Summer time (dormancy) - roots stay in slightly moist substrate (substrate - peat/sand mix 1:1). I would not recommend to let it completely dry. During dormancy are better warmer temps (above 20 °C).

That is all, hope it helped you :-)



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