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petiolaris complex hybrids

Jiri Vanek

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Hi everybody!

I get bored this evening so I decided to take some photos of my own petiolaris hybrids.

Firts is Drosera broomensis x ordensis which somebody of you may know (I offerd seeds some months ago). These plants you can see under are about 10 months old (both are of the same age).

There is one quite interesting thing about this plant - 2 different clones occur in the culture (in one hybrid).

The first is more robust, petioles are wider as well as lamina (to me looks like bulging spoon :) ) There is no big difference in rosettes diamaters between 1 and 2.

The second has much smaller and flatter lamina and the line-up between petiole and lamina is very thin.

Both plants come from the same seed-harvesting (but each from a different seed).

This is No. 1:





And No. 2:




And here are parents :)

D. broomensis


D. ordensis


And for good night :) another my hybridization succes - D. falconeri x ordensis. Just a baby yet but I love the mother's red color :)


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As I have noted on the Czech forum. These plants are very well grown! The last hybrid is phenomenal in appearance. Is it the one propagated from TC?

Thanx for sharing these beauties with us, Jirko! :biggrin:

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Hi !

Thanks guys :)

No, the falconeri x ordensis dosn't come from TC. I send some seeds to Michal to TC but nothing germinated (there is only D. ord x falco in the TC and it is already germinating).

I sown the rest of my seeds on regular peat-sand substrate and just one plant germineted - the one above.

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Keep up the good work!You have the gift to growing this complex.Us petio hybreeders are a rare breed indeed.im very impressed with your skill master grower.Drop me an email and I will shoot you some D.caduca hybrids seed if you havent already done so.Sean

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Hi guys,

Thanks for comments! I was away for a while.

D falconeri x ordensis is bigger now and there are typical signs of both parents. Long petioles after D. ordensis and wide laminas after D. falconeri. When you cross two very different plant like these 2 above it's really amazing to watch the final mix :)

I will add some actual pictures in some days I hope.

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