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A few shots from Madagascar

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During my last trip to Madagascar, a couple of months ago, I had the chance to see a few large populations of Nepenthes madagascariensis, in dryish areas, on sand and close to a river.

This images are from the first population. The soil seemed really dry, but water could be found a few cm below the surface.




Female flowers


... and male flowers


A small Drosera was also growing there


A huge specimen of N. madagascariensis growing on sand, a few km after


And another, "greener" population growing along a small river with plenty of water


Drosera madagascariensis on the Itremo mountains, in the centre of the island




And at the same site plenty of this small Utricularia





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WOW!!!!!!! :wub: I love natural settings....So they grow in full blast sun in Madagascar huh?? Very informative...Thanks for posting

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Beautiful! Now that is very neat nepenthes species (I think I will have to get one:-)) I love the intensively-red colour on d. madagascariensis! My specimen never gets this red, not even in full sun. Thanx for posting!

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Thank you for all your nice comments, I am glad you liked them! Maybe somebody can tell if the small Drosera growing with the Nepenthes (photo #6) could be D. burkeana?

And the Utricularia? Maybe somebody can help in the identification.. :biggrin:


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What a beautiful and huge Nepenthes! I would like to see Nepenthes in habitat too, but I haven't even seen Pinguiculas in my country, I have to travel more, and you, what were you doing in Madagascar?

Por cierto ¿no viste semillitas para intentar tener tus propias plantas?

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Guest Andreas Eils


you´ve been to a spectacular place! :woot: Glad, you are back safe! I´ve read Madagascar is one of the most criminal places on Earth! ;-) Lovely pictures, again a reason to be envious! ;-)

Thanks for showing!

Kind regards


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I am very happy you all liked them, I can say that it was a great experience!!

@ Tuuagso/Claudio: I was there on holidays, for the third time to Madagascar, and this time I wanted to visit to the South-East coast. Plants were in flower as you can see, so no seeds.

Andreas! It was great, not dangerous at all, as I just said, it is the third time I go there.. and I have been travelling to Yemen, Ethiopia, Somalia.. no, no danger at all in Madagascar lol :wink:

@ James: I was thinking about U. arenaria with some doubts, but I am not into small Utrics really..

@Johndw: Thank you! :wink: So you too you think it is D. burkeana.. Pity it was not in flower!! Is U. arenaria quite variable??

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Nice pics!!! The Drosera is hard to see, but D.natalensis and D.burkeana are the rosetted species know to grow in E Madagascar.

As for the Utric, hard to say... Looking at Taylor's monograph, the flower shape seems to be either U.arenaria or U.livida, but the flower color is one I've never seen for either species, it's beautiful!!



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Thank you Carlos and Fernando :smile: Grass was very high at that locality, and I could only see the tiny Utricularia fowers after the larger and more showy Drosera madagascariensis called my attention !!

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Very good eyes! :pleasantry: This colorful utricularia will be introduce in culture?

Thank you Carlos! I have no idea if it is already in cultivation, I just took the pictures!! :morning2:

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