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Pics out of my lab

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after long time here some pics out of my lab.

As you see i dont have so many different stuff left and specialized me on some species

Heliamphora roots

IMG_7237.jpg IMG_7240.JPG

more roots(i love it when they are on root media :wink: )


H. heterodoxa ptari



H.minor auyan


My heliamphora collection


Rhododendron shots


My nepenthes area(sorry cant take pics of all, to many different)


N. viking


N. pervilei(not sure right now, forgot the number on label)


multiplying cephalotus


thousands of them


Here some D. hirticalyx, had much troublein the past with them and lost hundreds of them. But now it seems that i solved the problems and rescued a few





H. pulchella Amuri look the fat roots



H. sarracenioides ptari


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Send me a plant :( I have a eden black but still to small for TC :thanks:

Unfortunately, I don't have 'Eden Black' but TC would seem to be the ideal method of getting it into more widespread circulation. Could probably even get it into the US this way.

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Wow... we need one of you *here* in the U.S. ... :thanks:
Agree big time!! I cannot imagine why some of the USA CP retailers have not taken up T/C. One guy has started but he prefers VFTs and only dabbles with other plants... Edited by RL7836
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As someone who used to do a lot of TC myself, I'm very impressed with this setup- and with the huge amount of work that must have gone into this.

Since you're only doing wholesale- are you allowed to tell us which resellers might be selling your plants?

There's a few people I know who would be very interested in plants of some of your rarer lines- but where can we buy them?!

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Jens, the problem is that there's not many of us that want to buy 100 of the same clone from you.. as you say, it's ideal for a company/ reseller, but not great for us individuals that really really want to buy a just couple of each of several of your plants.

And I can't find any nurseries in the EU selling your stuff!

Not sure if the mods permit you to give us any more info either!.... (?)....

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Dont know if i´m allowed to tell here some companys that buy plants from me.

The forum rules state:

6]> Commercial advertising or selling may be allowed in the forums. If you are interested in advertising or selling, contact the forum owner at [email protected] prior to posting. Personal 'auction type' sales are not allowed in the Sales & Wants forums, this includes EBAY sales.

In theory listing the companies to which you supply, or indeed your own business, could be classed as advertising, so you would require permission.

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