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Flowers & interesting hybrids!


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I had a busy weekend a couple of weeks ago. My Utricularia alpina × campbelliana, Utricularia nelumbifolia and Utricularia nephrophylla "white flower" were all flowering, and I decided to do some cross pollination!



So, I took pollen from U. nelumbifolia (this species creates so damn much pollen, it's easy to use it as father!), and used it to pollinate the Utricularia alpina × campbelliana flower and also took some for several U. nephrophylla flowers. I selfed the nelumbifolia flowers except for one, that I pollinated with nephrophylla pollen.

This weekend I came home and found many things like this this:


The cross between Utricularia alpina × campbelliana and Utricularia nelumbifolia seems to have worked, as U. alpina × campbelliana is now producing a seed pod! All the U. nephrophylla flowers that I pollinated with nelumbifolia pollen have started developing seed pods. The nelumbifolia selfing also worked, of course.

Im gonna have a hell of sowing in a couple of weeks! :tu:

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Thank you all!

awesome, love the alpina x campbelliana

can you tell me little more about the culture?

IMO, campbelliana is a easy species under typical highland temperatures. Does the hybrid require the same?


I haven't really grown it as a highlander yet, at night the temperature is something like 17-18 celsius and at day it's like 20 celsius. But Im soon going to move the plants to my new highland terra, that has 12 celsius at night and 20 at day. I just need a thermostat that hasn't arrived yet. But I assume it grows much better in those highland conditions. I grow it in my typical Nepenthes soil mix, with 1:1:1:1 Live sphagnum, peat, orchid bark and perlite.

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Sigh, it appears that Utricularia alpina × campbelliana is sterile, because my cross with nelumbifolia failed. It grew a seedpod, but it was empty! :smile:

But look at this, this is so hilarious! A picture of Utricularia nelumbifolia × nephrophylla "white flower" seed:


Looks like the plant created a real seed instead of an "octopus" -like plantlet, that the species usually does, but the seed was also wrapped in the same kind of bubblewrap that the "octopus" always are! Fascinating!

I hope the seed is real-deal and germinates. :ireful3:

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