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february pictures :-)

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It has been some time since I posted pictures here, so I uploaded fresh photos of few plants of mine. February is the shortest month, but the longest and hardest for me, since I wait for the spring so impatiently. :-) Plants like these help me get through it:-) (Some are new species to my collection). I hope you like them:-)

drosera neocaledonica (taken out of TC 2 days ago)


drosera afra (new species for me and very beautiful plant). Some call it 'the large trinervia',but to me its appearance is miles away from the one of d. trinervia.

I hope it will flower soon.



drosera colombiana 'Curití' young seedlings (I have noticed she likes it rather cold)


a pot of beautiful drosera broomensis x ordensis


drosera faconeri (entering dormancy soon)


drosera hartmeyerorum (taken out of TC 2 days ago), grows very fast, provided hot environment


drosera petiolaris (suprised me how huge it can grow, leaves up to 13cm)


drosera derbyensis


drosera esterhuyseniae x slackii- now, I am not much into hybrids but this one is very colourful and one of the biggest rosetted sundews



drosera moorei


drosera x tokaiensis tank


,,,and roridula gorgonias


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Oh wow, where to begin!

I love your broomensis x ordensis pot. I've never kept an ordensis but I heard it was a bit difficult! You don't seem to be having any problems :)

I think my fave is your Derbyensis, looks very unique.

First time I'm seeing a tokaiensis. I see there's some Utricularia in there as well. That tank is gorgeous! So inspiring.

Thanks for sharing!

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Great plants Dudo!!

Your D.afra is very nice!! Just like the others.

Even D.moorei has a good size, they start flowering when they are

around 20-25 cm high, maybe next year the first yellow flowers for you !! :confused:


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Thanx for nice comments:-)

@Iggy: The d. moorei is from the seed you have sent to me some time ago. I introduced it in vitro, but wasnt able to force her to form tubers, she just grew and branched. So I deflasked the plants and put them in regular substrate. Cant wait to see the nice yellow flowers! :-) Does this species go dormant for you sometimes? In my conditions it behaves a lot like peltata, keeps on growing kept hot or cool...

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Hi Dudo,

It is great to see you got D.colombiana to germinate, we have not been able to germinate it here. By the way, the locality is not Curili but Curití.

Judging from where it comes, intermediate temperatures with fresh nights between 15C and 20C should be ok for it. there it can get hot above 30C in the day.



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Hi Sebastian!

Thanx for correcting the location for me. I guess have I misread your handwriting:-) Thanx for the seeds a lot. I am glad they germinated quite well. When I kept the seedlings warmer than 20C at night they were stagnant in growth. Now I keep them cooler at night together with d. afra and they grow really nicely and are big enough so i commenced to feed them. Thank you for the helpful tips!

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