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Irish Moss Peat

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I say it's OK, I use the excact same Irish peat moss, I had to repot my whole collection last year, as I had some of it in westlands peat moss which is no good, all my plants have done much better since.

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Just about to do a large Sarracenia repot. I have read this posting and the links with interest. Clover looks good. I used to use Shamrock but I know there have been problems recently. I know someone who used Westmoorland and had problems with it. Has anyone used any other sphagnum moss peat which they can trust ?

It's that time of year again, the great repot is nearly underway. I don't envy Mike King at this time of year.

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Peat is a natural product, therefore the consistancy can vary from batch to batch. One persons experience with a certain brand does not necessarily mean that you will have the same results. Peat taken from near the top of a bog will typically be fibrous and 'airy' but taken from deep down it will be more decomposed and anaerobic, typically indicated by a dark colouration. I have had two bags of the same brand peat which are visibly quite different, with different planting results. In my experience light and 'airy' is good, heavy and anaerobic is not. I think the ongoing quality and availability of peat will be questionable, given the environmental restriction placed upon extractors and some peat packaging companies withdrawing some of their product lines. With apparently precious little research being done into suitable alternatives this could have a significant impact on the less tolerent cultivated carnivorous plants.

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