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some highland Nepenthes & Drosera

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here the latest pitchers of my Nepenthes - I hope you like them as much as I do... :man_in_love:

Nepenthes macrophylla


Nepenthes peltata



Nepenthes platychila



Nepenthes spec. Doorman's Top 1


Nepenthes tenuis


Nepenthes vogelii



... and here some Drosera:

Drosera hirticalyx turned out to be a vigorous grower in my conditions


Drosera meristocaulis (middle) is growing best covered from some Drosera roraime seedlings... (the other plants in the same pot aren't growing that good)


Kind regards


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thanks for your nice comments!

@Zlatokrt: Depends up on what you would call special?? :smile: It's a terrarium (1,2mx0,6mx1,2m) standing in a basement under a open window. In summer I cool with the cooling element from a fridge to prevent temperatures over 26°C. I use 3x 70W HCI, PC fans and a raining system for my U. campbellianas growning on xaxim and cork.

@Carlos Rohrbacher: I know - but why are they growing so different in the same pot? It seems that the D. roraime seedlings have a good influenz on D. meristocaulis, because all plants growing under it produce normal sticky leaves. The other plants are growing constant too, but there are no carnivorous leaves on the plant...

@thez_yo: N. spec. Doorman's Top 1 is the hardest Nepenthes to grow in my opinion. N. villosa is a fast grower comparing to this species!!! It was just found at high elevations from 3100 to 3500 m above sea level.

I think N. spec. Doorman's Top 2 is an intermediated to highland plant and should be easier in culture.



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