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Thanks everyone! :smile:

Yes, I do believe in feeding, especially with D. schizandra as I can definitely tell the difference!

Here's a few growth tips for this picky "sister"... Feeding; I use a primordial soup of sorts, consisting of crushed fresh (frozen) bloodworms mixed with a little RO water and the "soup" is applied to the leaves with an eyedropper every two weeks. The liquid is absorbed directly, without risk of mold and each leaf gets two drops of liquid only.

Media; Loose live sphagnum with a little perlite. I do not allow the media to become compacted, as the roots seem to like it a bit airy. I prefer shallow, wide pots to allow surface room for plantlets to be created from the adventurious roots. This also helps to keep things cool.

Watering; I've heard of some growing them wet and some folks growing them drier. Here in tropical Florida, mine respond best when the media is kept just barely damp at all times. I may water once every week or two and never saturate the compost. Just enough to keep the dampness present... and nothing more. I also grow them inside under a T5 lighting system on a red and blue spectrum bulb mix, in one of my Heliamphora chambers. Photoperiod is 12 hours with bulbs residing 12 inches or better above the plants.

Humidity; 100% at all times. I grow mine in a large glass punchbowl that is covered at all times with a clear glass punchbowl. Without high 90-100% humidity, my plants begin to suffer within days. One of the biggest signs is plants whose leaves keep getting smaller and smaller, along with less dew and withered tentacles/glands.

Temperatures; Winter = 60F - 73 F. They grow best in Winter for me. Summer = 72F - 78F. I never let them go above 80F at any given time. In my conditions, it doesn't work. I have to constantly think "highlander" to be successful... ; ) I also grow D. prolifera the same way with great results, although they tolerate temps above 80F much better.

I hope these tips help those interested in growing this magnificent gem!

Happy Growing,


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