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10th part: Pinguicula vulgaris in Cuenca province

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Finaly, this station in which we could see Pinguicula sp. Hoz de Beteta from very close, was the last one we could found during this fieldtrip to Spain.

So we strat to search for Pinguicula vulgaris L. in its southermost stations on the European continent. Pacing up and down the highest regions of this mountain range called Serrania de Cuenca, between wonderfull landscapes, we visit nomerous peat bogs. The common butterwort is growing in some of them:


Those plants are in the very beggining of their blooming period at this time of the year:


Only one was fully open:


The little surprise of this day, an "epiphytic" butterwort:


After having seen many interesting things in this region, it's time to go back to the Pyrénées to see other species in their habitat.


An extra picture, a small animal that came to welcome us early in the morning in our first zone of research:

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