D regia is a bit cold

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My D regia from the Leiden meeting was very pot bound and only had black ends to its leaves by the time I got it home. I potted it up and within a month it was shooting new leaves of great vigour - hurray!

Bad news - it has been very cold in the unheated greenhouse, the water in the D regia tray was frozen and now the healthy fronds have black tips, and all the leaves were drooping badly. I have brought the palnt into the house and the leaves have become rigid and upright, but with black tips.

Was it lack of water that caused the problem? I know plants can't utilise frozen water. I it is in the kitchen window, about 19 - 20 degrees C. Is this too hot for it in winter? The bedroom is about 16 degree, I could move it there.

I have some germnianted seed in the greenhouse too, but will need to wait until tomorrow to see the state of that - it si dark when I get home from work.

I dread to think what the Drosophyllums are like and the fly traps too :-((

Any thoughts/tips gratefully received.


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It was most likely that the leaf tissue, itself froze, but perhaps there was also a lack of utilizable water since the leaves recovered their rigidity when you brought it inside, which is interesting. With most other plants, if subjected to a frost or freezing temps in the air, the leaves will freeze and then wilt.

But since your seedlings are closer to the media level, they may have been slightly more protected than from larger leaves that are more exposed to the freezing air. So maybe that is why the tips were the only part that died, but I really can't say for sure.

That temperature by your kitchen window will be great for it, as that's the same temperature I have under lights in my basement during this time of year, and it does really well for me as long as temps don't exceed 30-32 C.

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