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9th part: Pinguicula sp. Hoz de Beteta

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After several attemps, we are of a mind to reach this famous plant to observe it and take some pictures of its flowers.

Leaving the previous station, when I turn over, I see another population, inaccessible once again, hanging from cliffs several meters above the floor and on the other side of the river:


We carry on along a gravelly trail at the bottom of imposing cliffs. And we finally reach our goal, this expected station where to see Pinguicula sp. Hoz de Beteta from very close:


A footbridge has been has been built in this place to allow tourists watching saxicole plants without damaging this site. A panel, with colors washed-out by the spanish blazing sun, indicate the presence of Pinguicula vulgaris L.. Of course, we now know it isn't:


This plant in many aspect looks like a lot to Pinguicula dertosensis. Its flowers have a great variety of color and shape.Its foliage can also be variable in its lengh (longer than P. dertosensis but shorter than P. mundi to which Zamora attaches it) but also in its color (from apple green to a beautiful copper color). I would not be astonish of its description as a subspecies of Pinguicula dertosensis (Cañigueral) G. Mateo Sanz & M. B. Crespo Villalba.

Finally satisfied to have meet it, we leave in search of new stations of this plants, and also in search of Pinguicula vulgaris L. in its southernmost stations in the european continent.


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Seems-to-Me ... You-'Need'-to Invest-IN Some Rock-Climbing-Lessons!!! >(*U^)< R-Friend-&-Yourself Could Abseil-Over 'Thart'-Cliff &-Take JPEGs of-Those Pings from-R Very-Particular Point-of-View!!!

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