Mexican Pinguicula hybrids

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So far I've only managed to produce a few primary hybrids using well-known species of Mexican Pinguicula. Pinguicula moctezumae seems to make a good parent, successfully creating hybrids when pollinated by many other species. It has been one of the species I find most readily compatible with other species, easily joining germplasm to fuse into hybrid plants.

Similar to primary hybrids with Sarracenia, primary hybrids, particularly among the Mexican Pinguicula species, hybrid progeny, for the most part (there are some few expectations), demonstrate characteristics intermediate between their parents. It seems quite advantageous that this is the case - it would apparently make it easier to predict the appearance of hybrids. That is something that really appeals to me. An exception seems to be in the flower colors. For instance: I don't know of any hybrids using the red/orange flowers of Pinguicula laueana that produce hybrid plants with any shade of red/orange. If anyone knows of an exception to this, please let me know.

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I am anxious, too, to work at making some back-crosses to deep red colored Pinguicula laueana clones to see if that might improve the chances of incorporating some traits of other species (such as being more, free-flowering) and still keep a nice, red, flower color.

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LOL! I'd be thrilled if my P. lauenea would grace me with a flower. The straight up species have been challenging (lauenea, moctezumae) for me to keep alive, but the crossed do extremely well.

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