Wheelchair Accesible Greenhouse

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I have speant ages online and looked at all the greenhouses that are mentioned and love them all. The two problems I have is that they all seem to have this 3 inch frame across the bottom of the entrance when you open the door and also the door is narrower than my electric wheelchair. Anybody had any experience with a bespoke comp[any? Or come across a greenhouse without these two problems?

Also - my plan is to turn my greenhouse when i find one into the perfect environment for my Nepenthes plants. I think my wife may kill me if she finds anything more hanging from the shower head or towel rail. But I want to create a hanging environment for them. I could use clothes rails from Argos and use hanging baskets but what i would really like to do is crfeate an artificial climbing environment for them. What to Nepenthes like to climb and i assume it would have to be rough like tree bark?


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Hi Jerry,

Although expensive Robinsons Greenhouses are wheelchair friendly and very very robust!


All my Neps etc are grown in these houses as of course are Mike King's Sarracenia collection.



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I have a wooden Alton greenhouse that has no bottom rail across the door threshold. Not sure about the door width options, though. Might be worth a look for you.

Another possible option (and this is just off the top of my head) is to put slabs either side of the narrow door frame and make the floor inside up to that level, with a gentle ramp outside. Mind you, 3 inch sounds quite a big gap.

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