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Hello everyone

In 2006 I undertook a hybrid project between two particular S.flava var. rubricorpora and S.leucophylla clones.

The ten resultant specimens were all both tall and beautifully coloured (see my post from last season )

Now at four years old, as of today the very tallest clone currently measures 1.120 metres (44 inches). It is the tallest Sarracenia I've ever produced or, indeed, grown. It grows in my outdoor collection in full sun (note unfortunate hail damage due to storm when pitcher spikes were forming). For an exclusively outdoor plant this height is exceptional in my experience.

Here are some photos - I hope you get a sense of it.





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Jim, you should take that act on the road! :P

Boy is 1.35m tall.

What's the conversion factor for meters? Is that the 3.936 thing or 39.36 or 2.54 or....?

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