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Genlisea under the microscope


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I had the possibility to make some photo's and film of an Genlisea of me :sun_bespectacled:

I have put the best pictures and film in a smal film so I can put it here for you.

The root like leafs are colored by Methylene to make them more visible.

The film is about an G. lobata x violacea "giant"


Thanks for watching

Best regards,


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Thats awesome

What magnification is that?

I have never thought of this but it would be cool to look at other CPs up close like that

Especially the clands on pings and drosera, the scales on sarrs, and the trigger hairs on VFTs

I will try that with my microscope

Thanks for the inspiration! :smile:

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My version of Windows Movie Maker:


won't play the file "movie maker genlisea.MSWMM":


and Winamp won't play it either.


I downloaded the WMV file given in Jesse's first post (right-click on the link and choose 'Save Link As')

and it plays in Winamp!! :D

It was worth the hassle... Stunning photomicrography

Nice job, Jesse and Co. :D

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