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Hello from Argentina!


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Hi everybody!

I'm Luciano, from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I'm relatively new to this activity (started about six months ago), but i really enjoy it a lot. Mainly i grow and love droseracea, but i have also seedlings of Dionaea Muscipula and Sarracenia. I'm totally into growing from seed, by the way :wub:

This is my list of droseracea:

D. adelae

D. burmanii

D. capensis all red

D. capensis broad leaf

D. capensis

D. ericksoniae

D. intermedia Holland

D. spathulata frasser island

D. spathulata

D. venusta

D. binata

I'll try to participate in the forums as often as i can, and please excuse my english, and feel free to show me my mistakes in the language.

Thanks for reading!

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welcome luciano. im not surprised you enjoy growing carnivrous plants they're really facinating plants to grow, youve got a good few drosera there :wub: its good to see someone who enjoys growing from seed, its so much more rewarding then buying the plants straight off the shelf, anyway i can ramble on a bit so ill stop there :D anyway, welcome!!!

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