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What would be a suitable miniature orchid to accompany my N. ampullaria


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I've just set up a tank for my long suffering N. ampullaria. I have in the past seen small orchids mounted on cork and I would like to hang one in the tank, if there is one suitable for the conditions. Lighting is high, with 43W of compact fluorescent, humidity is in the high 90s to 100%, daytime temperature is approx. 30°C and a nightime drop of approx. 10°C. Any suggestions of a suitable orchid, preferably a miniature one that is reasonably easy to obtain?



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Bulbophyllum gracillimum (if you can keep it wet enough).

That's a coincidence. I just finishing posting a similar thread on your forum, The UK Orchid Forum :biggrin:

Thanks for the advise. Where would I likely be able to obtain this plant?

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In my tank with the N. ampullaria, I also have a Promenaea, which isn't very happy (I think it wants more light) and a Bulbophyllum echinolabium, which is doing nicely.

However, there's a reason most tropical orchids are epiphytic.... they want more light and air than are found down on the ground whrere the N. ampullaria grows ;-)

Some species of Paphiopedilum might do OK, but they would have to be kept somewhat drier at the root than the Nepenthes (but conversely are not very easy to grow epiphytically in a terrarium).

Ludisia and Anoectochilus species might do well however.

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