Dionaea/Sarracenia Seeds Grow

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As James wrote, Dionaea seeds DO NOT need stratification or GA3 treatment. In nature, flytrap seed is set in early summer where the seeds experience warm temperatures and moisture immediately and germinate and start growing immediately. If stratified, the germination rate will be lower.

Sarracenia DO need a stratification. I think that most people use a 4 week cold, damp stratification period in the fridge by wrapping the seeds in a damp paper towel and sticking that in a plastic baggie in the fridge.

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cool , really good , do you use G3? frigde ? or only natural : - ) , best regards ignacio D . PD: how long time in germinatiĆ³n ? .


i've sowed it immediatly, without anything else.

only light and water.

after 3-4 weeks u have this result.

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