False vivipary

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I would remove that, cut it up into sections about 3mm each and place the sections onto live sphagnum. Each section will behave as if in tissue culture and produce upto half a dozen plantlets, possibly more.

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Thanks for our answers.

This Plant is new in my collection since may this year.

I think this plant feels good in my collection and had maked 3 Flowers and all the false vivipary at the same time.

So all normaly traps died and for some months only the flower stem was to see.

There is no spray from me or something other help. This plant like to propangate to the maximum.

This plant is no special clone is a G10.

I try to don't cut anything of this and will see what happend next year after dormancy.

Here are soem more pics from this plant.



Bye Thomas

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