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Some of you may remember a few weeks ago I bought 11 Sarras from Homebase, well this week they had some more in and, as a new addict, bought them all (only 7 this time though :( ). I'm pretty sure most of them are the same species I bought from them previously, but there are 2 plants that are new to me.... Many thanks in advance :Laie_71mini:

S.purpurea ssp. venosa?



S. leucophylla hybrid?



The one that has me pondering....



The whole bunch, now in the greenhouse.


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For anybody reading this and thinking of buying the same, I would highly recommend specialist nurseries or ads on here rather than the high street. Plants are often mistreated, stressed or shocked, poor quality, in wrong compost, been given inappropriate water and often incorrectly labelled. Also, they are nearly always from tissue culture which, with Sarracenia, causes the plant to produce lots of little pitchers for months/years. Most are random hybrids. The strongest and best varieties are very rarely seen in the shops. The only advantage is that they are cheaper and more conveniently located.

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