Some interesting clones from Germany

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Hi guys,

here i want to present you some clones from Germany.

The next time, i will update this topic with more clones.

At first, one of my favorites


The plant is a clone from Dr. König, it makes realy big traps, up to 5cm. The innerside of the traps has a very dark red. The plant grow very fast.






It´s one of my own clones, i got it from seds in 2008. The teeths are rolled up. The traps can´t catch something, so the plant grows very slow.





Schuppenstiel I

This plant is from Dr. König, too. It makes very spectakular scales on its leafes. Sometimes the plant makes less scales, sometimes it makes more scales. The traps have a good dark red.





Schuppenstiel II

The plant was found in a garden center, by a German grower. The leafes have same scales on it, too. But not so much like the Schuppenstiel I. And the colour of the traps is more orange-red. The traps are smaler then the Schuppenstiel I.




The synonym is funnel trap. This plant was created by Dr. König in the 90´s. He treat the seeds and got this nice clone. The plants make very impressive traps, that looks like a funnel, mainly in spring and autumn, apart from that it produce normal traps. It makes scales on the leafs, too, but not all the time. The funnel traps can catch insects, too and can get a size, to 2,5cm.





This is also one of my own plants, which i got from seeds, last year. The name was suggested by Mike King, because the plant make very long teeths, 2cm and more.



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I love these VFTs.! The "Bimbo" rivals the B-52...I'd love to get one....Thanks for posting photos....


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Wow, absolutely awesome clones! I hope to grow all of them one day. The only one I currently grow is Trichterfalle and it's one of my favorites.

Thanks for sharing all of these photos. I particularly like your Umgekrempelt clone!

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very good post, i love to read details and sorty of plants, many thank's.

I have one with long long teeth too but i hink mine have teeth shorter than yours, this plant look good,is it grow only prostate ?(i love it like that) they are some interresting clone in germany, in first i was not interrsted by bimbo, but on friends of you and me send one to me, and i love it, it have beautiful look, petiols are little bit yellow at my home and traps are very very red i like that.

If you have a waiting list for the last one with long teeth can you put me on please ?

thank's for sharing always pleasur to see your picts or the one from straubmuller and thomaL.

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Here are a few clones more...

Ossweil Giant

The plant is from my own seeds, i got it in 2008. This year the biggest trap was 3,8cm. In 2008 i have had a small greenhouse in my garden, that was in Ossweil, the town were i live. And i got the plant in this greenhouse, so i called it "Ossweil Giant".




That´s a clone from Dr. König, too. It make very dark red traps, and the leafes are also in a good red. In spring the leafes are a bit green colored.




It´s a green clone from Dr. König. The traps are pulled quite long. The teeth are more finely.





This plant was found in garden center by a german grower in 2009. The plant makes very amazing traps. The traps are closed in the back (like a cup trap, but much longer!) The teeth of the trap are grown together and looks as they were cut off. In good sun the traps get a light orange colour.

We have come to the name, because the plant have 3 characteristics: coadunate teeth, closed traps and an orange colour. And we had to think of Ariel's father King Triton

And it´s no "green Louchapates", how you find it in CP-Photofinder!





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triton is absolutly fabulous to me; i love it so much, one of my best with my white and green and spotty.

for weinrot it's too similar to red burgundy, olive grun ok but there is lot of green clone, heteredoxa, justina davis, all green, all green giant etc, too many green and too many red too.

I can't recognize a red one without label.

i love your vft with long teeth and your umgrekempelt.

thank's for picts and explanation.

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@ Denis, i have over 800 seedlings from last year and this year i think it´s about more than 4000! So i have a lot of work with it and must select a lot. And sometimes i get a new interesting clone!

@ toimeme, yes, you´re rigth, there are a lot of red and green clones, but these two are from Dr. König, and for me they are something especially.

For your notice: Dr. König is 84 years old, and has carnivorous plants for about 40 years.

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I've enjoyed this post, great photos, your plants look healthy and vigorous you obviously grow them well. Like everyone else I like that Phalic clone, sorry I mean Phalanx (male genitalia again) :Laie_71mini: seriously now, that is a striking looking plant, I certainly would like one. "Triton" a great VFT ,truly worthy of cultivar status, and what makes it more enigmatic ,found by accident in a garden centre-incredible.

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