End of greenhouse season


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Weather gets frosty here and my plants had to leave the greenhouse this weekend. Again for months no sitting in the sunflooded greenhouse and enjoying the plants while having a cup of beer. :wacko:

I was a bit afraid that I won't get all the plants back in the basemen because some of them had some good grow this summer in the greenhouse. Having them seperated I took the chance for some photos of a few of them.

One of my very few newbies this year: N. burbidgeae x edwardsiana (Malesiana tropics)


Just repotted in spring: N. thorelii (d) x truncata (Exoticaplants)


N. lowii x campanulata (Exoticaplants)



pitcher before with lots of exudate. Insects got really attracted by this and the pitcher was good filled


the often discussed N. eymae (Wistuba). I really like it what ever it is.



N. sibuyanensis x xTrusmadiensis (Exoticaplants). The basals started developing in december 2009.


N. mira x lowii (Christian Klein)



after 6 years waiting the first flower (male) for my N. ventricosa x xiphioides (Wistuba)


in the basement already totally nuts my N. spathulata with over 20 flower stalks:



Goodbye old trusty friend :cray:


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Good looking Neps Boris. Interesting how your mira x lowii is speckled whilst my main one is solid dark red - Although I think some of my others my not be the same (I must take a look and find them).

Many thanks for the comments!

This mira x lowii made me really wondering. Here is a pic of a pitcher from last winter in the basement.


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Hi Boris,

great Plants, they are all pretty big :rainingsmile:


We seem to have two different wistuba eymae clones, I wonder how many he has?


At the ICPS he told me that he has a few more, some more yellow some less.

He did'nt told me how many he has.

I know that he has also 5 diffrent edwardsiana clones, but only one is sold.

Best regards,


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