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Has anyone managed to find the website for Stewart's Nepenthes conservation project. I tried the address from CP Newsletter, but nothing doing.


Hi Kevan, unfortunately the site is still not on line because of trouble with the firm that was hired to built the site. As I promised here:

we'll let everyone know when the site is on line.

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After kicking out a website builder that wasn't going anywhere Stew put a new, decent team (same as his redfern site) on the job and the website is finally getting together.

Test versions for lay out look great so expect the site to be on line not to long from now.

In Leiden some donated plants have already arrived and more plants will hopefully follow.

As soon as the site is working it will be posted.

Short version: the project is fine, delays in showing that fact are caused by a bad website builder that has been replaced.

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