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5th part: the Sierra de las Cuatro Villas

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We leave this gorgeous station of Pinguicula vallisneriifolia Webb the head (and the camera) full of beautiful pictures. We are going in search of the type location of this species, unforunately the cold temperatures and some remaining snow from last week snowfalls dissuade us to go on this long walk.

So that we go towards the Sierra de las Cuatro Villas where some locations have been noticed.But what a surprise to find some so rasy-to-reach stations:


As one can see, at the bottom of this station there are some rock tables and benchs. One could be able to touch those plants even sitting on his stone chair and eating his sandwich!

However, this population is vulnerable due to its small size, there are only a very few plants growing on the small dripping parts:


Even is I could only spot four adult plants,there are nevertheless some promising seedlings (and probably, and I hope, some other plants that I didn't spot in some hidden corners of this rock):


Quite disappointed by this first station, we drive up a long and sinuous road in direction to a much more bigger population:


The first plants appear on a alluvial cone from a spring:


Here, the stolons, characteristic of this species, are clearly visible:


Most of the plants are growing on an enormous rock:


Astonishingly, they are growing on a very dry rock but only in appearance, they are settled in some small humid alcoves:


The plants that fell from this wall try to take root at the bottom of this wall:


And the two last pictures before leaving:


And we drive down to the plains to jave a good night before new adventures for the following day.


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Amazing how plants in wild grow as if with no problem.....Very Awesome Photos! Thanks for sharing....


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