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4th part: a beautiful station of Pinguicula vallisneriifolia

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Ater visiting our first station de Pinguicula vallisneriifolia Webb, we follow ahead through the Sierra de Segura in search of a second station of this plant.

Although we found several waterfalls and seeping walls, we didn't see any butterwort on them. But we quickly found a suitable place for them that host one of the most beautiful station in my opinion of the vallisneria-leaf butterwort, located in a narrow barranco (gorge):


The first few plants were settled on a rock to the left of the stream in the entrance of the barranco:


Then for our pleasure, a myriad of plants spread their leaves and flowers along the walls of this canyon:


They even occupy the humid slopes on around 50 m to the bottom of the cliffs under the spanish blazing sun:


Amazingly, the leaves in this station become very long and also very thin, much more than in the other stations I could visited:


Here, the dominant color of the flowers is white with a yellow spot on the throat:


Leaves of some plants feature a very nice reddish coloration:


And here is a last photo, till the next episod, of a great group of Pinguicula:




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Hi Aymeric :nono: ,

again very nice pictures.

I really like the landscape, the little canyon looks also very interesting.

Thanks for sharing.

Best regards,


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Beautiful! Nice to see my favourite pinguicula in the wild! Thanx for sharing:-)

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