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Dear all,

I hope you had a great weekend. We had some warm and sunny weather (after lots of rainy and cool days) which made me take my camera to take some shots of my plants, especially of those I did not show very often.

I will start with my Dionaea collection. This is the tray with my large plants. I keep the division in a separate tray on the balcony where the plants get much better colouration but may also suffer when the weather gets extreme. This summer the plants were either drowning or drying out.


As there is not much detail to see, I made a shot of Dentata youngsters (from divisions in spring). I like them very much in this stage. The plants form a rosette on the substrate surface, only large plants produce erect leaves for me. At the time of the shot most traps are closed, probably some insect walked across them:


When I had a look the the Bristle Tooth the trigger hairs looked very thick so I took the macro lense to get a closer look:


2 others for comparison:


As there are not that many pictures of Coquillage around, I have another one for you:


So much for the Dionaea. Now I have some purple Utricularia flowers for you. Those shots were made early in the morning with the sun just appearing. Therefore the colouration is a bit off



(Sean, that one is for you :banging: )


As I did not make that many photo posts without a single Drosera I have to stick to this...

This is potentially a new hybrid. I am afraid I will have to wait until next spring for confirmation. I am sure I will show this one again once I get a first flower in front of my camera.


Next is a genus which is somewhat underrepresented in my collection. At least I grow one species. Not only that, I even grow 3 different forms of it.


Finally a snapshot of one of those little guys who try to hide nuts everywhere, including my pots. This summer they nearly emptied a D. graniticola pot and even started to use a pygmy drosera pot in my winter garden for this. I am not aware that they hid anything in my wintergarden before (but on the balcony in front of it, no problem to climb the two stories), but this summer they are in my impression much bolder than before.

It has a hazelnut in its mouth. The bush is nearly empty now (mostly harvested by two of those squirrels). Next in line will probably be the walnut tree a few meter apart...:wallbash:

Anyone looking for hazelnut or walnut seedlings? I have fresh seedlings each year...




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Very happy to see the purple paletted U. dichotoma still going strong, especially considering that there is a good chance it may be extinct in nature.

BTW, the "L" of the U. uniflora form relates to the town of Lismore in northern NSW.

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BTW, the "L" of the U. uniflora form relates to the town of Lismore in northern NSW.

No, I did not know that and I will make a note in my grow list.

Interestingly, this very flower stalk on the picture is somewhat unusual in that respect that it actually is a "biflora". The second flower is currently opening. All other flower stalk produce just the name-giving single flower.

Best regards


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Hi Dieter,

really nice plants.

About the U. uniflora from Lismore, it´s really a strange one.

My flowers are having a very big variation, in the form of the flower but also in the colouration, a few of the flowers are very deeply purple coloured, nearly the colouration of U. dichotoma, but till now i´ve only had flowers scapes with one flower.

In a few days i´ll show pictures of them.

Best regards,


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Some old photos. Only single flowered specimens shown here too. I'll have to locate some shots with multiple flowers.



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  • 2 weeks later...

Very AWESOME VFT PHOTOS!!! I can get lost in that dionaea forest....very nice thanks for sharing.... :unsure::thumbsup::thanks:

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