Zombie Cephalotus


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I bought my first Ceph a couple of months ago. While my other CPs are busily growing, dying etc., the Ceph appears to be in a state of suspended animation. It looks green and healthy but I haven't noticed any sign of new leaves since I got it.

Is ultra-slow growth normal for Cephs?

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Cephalotus tend to take a while to settle in. They may take a few months before you see any new growth, but once they do, you should see steady, sustained growth unless you do something they don't like (like bringing them outside just in time for a late spring freeze :girl_witch: )

They also have a dormancy period in their natural environment. While this dormancy is generally considered unnecessary, you (or the person you bought it from) might have triggered the dormancy period accidentally.

I recently bought a Hummer's Giant that went through this same slowdown from shipping. I received the plant in the first week of July and I can just now see the very first sign of new growth. That is about 5 weeks. I also have a few blog posts that track the growth of my biggest Cephalotus that I bought last spring. This should give you some idea of what you can expect.


2010 update:


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It would help if you tell us more about the conditions you're keeping it in...

It's currently on a windowsill in an unheated conservatory here in the (not very sunny) UK. Temperature at the moment is around 20-25C, humidity around 50-60%. I'm watering it using the tray method, letting the water run out before topping it up again to try to avoid overwetting the roots.

Perhaps it's just recovering (or sulking) because it was sent to me through the post.

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