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Paul Schoeneberg

Pinguicula vulgaris var. gypsophylla @ Südharz

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here a link to my Youtube Channel with video, i will write a bit about the habitat later and i will load up pictures, for the first the Link to my video,



Pinguicula vulgaris var. gypsophylla grows in the Südharz in germany, there is only one habitat in the world.

Subspecies, variant, an own species, i really don't know.

What do you think?

The flowers are more violett then the normal vulgaris, thats difficult to see on the pictures.

There are about 2000 Plants at the habitat.

The plants grow on an Gips wall!

But the Gips cliffs often break down, so there is the risk that the pinguicula vulgaris var. gypsophylla dies out.

One year ago there wear 1000 more plants, but one gips wall break down.

It's an secundary habitat, the first was a few kilometers away, but it was also gips.


Whatch the Video in High Qualitity!

Best regards,


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Hallo together,

Paul thank you for this little film. More pics find on the page of Nicole: here and in the forum of the German CP Society: GfP-Forum


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Hallo Paul,

nice video.

Many thanks also for the pictures, it´s really an interesting location.

For sure you have had a lot of fun there.

Best regards,


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