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Hi from Ireland


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Hi everyone

I just signed up and wanted to introduce myself.

I'm Richard I'm 33 & live in SW Ireland (Co. Kerry). On & off I've been keeping CP's since I was about 10, starting off with a D. binata & S leucophylla. Not to mention all those butchered VFT's. Sadly all my original plants were killed by my parents who were supposed to be looking after them when I moved to Ireland.

Having decided to blatantly ignore my wife (CP's freak her out) I started growing again a couple of years ago but have had to build on the collection quite slowly.

Starting with D Capensis plus the Alba then last year I decided I'd mainly move on to growing stuff outdoors as there's more space there & won't be moaned at for occupying the kitchen window with 'freaks'.

I've several Sarracenias; flava ornata Mirimar Beach Florida, flava Slacks Maxima, Moorei Marson Clone, flava Atropurpurea, leucophylla, purpurea purpurea, psittacina & a young unknown hybrid.

I also have a couple of Drosera aliciae's, a Pinguicula x Tina, a couple of VFT's & a Darlingtonia californica.

I'd love to know any other hobbyists in Ireland as we're something of an endangered species over here having no nursery or society of our own.



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