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some pics of my plants

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Hi Guys

Here in Germany the Sun comes out for a few days and i take the chance to make some pic from my plants to show them.

The sping is the best time in the year for the ammount of flowers.

Here we go

first S. flava var. ornata in my outdoor boggarden one of the first open pitcher this year after S. oreophila.


Many Flowers are at my S. minor typ giant x leucophylla. Will make pics when they open


S. x mooreii very beautiful colour


U. blanchetii flowering at a long time (Ithink about 1 month of course) in the same pot with S. purpurea chipola giant seedlings.


P. grandiflora switzerland in my boggarden It was the first flower from all plants this year


P. grandiflora rosea bought this year sharing them to say Thank you very much for this beatiful plants



P. vulgaris BGL Sonnenleiten wich small pretty flower


C. follicularis with a very good red


Dionaea red burgundy one of my oldest plants grow them outdoors and survive every year without problems


Dionaea australien red rosette


Dionaea B52


Dionaea weinrot (colour of red vine)


Dionaea Schuppenstiel with flower


Dionaea red burgundy with swatooth UKII


I hope you like them.

bye Thomas

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Very impressive!

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great to see some of your plants, thank's for sharing.

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Nice pics.

What's the story behind Australian Red Rosette? It appeared around 2005 but as far as I can tell it is the exact same plant as Fine Tooth x Red.

I grew them side by side for a year and they were identical.

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Thomas, your plants look really nice! Thanks for sharing!

Edited by maverick

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Thanks for you comments

@alexis I have these plant from the UK also can be the same plant like yours.

My Fine tooth x Red didn't grow under the same conditions like my australien red rosette so i can't compare them. But i will notice them.

Bye Thomas

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I don't know about the story behind those two VFT's, but I do know that growing Dionaea side by side doesn't really show if they are the same clone or not.

I have some divisions of the same clones of VTF's and they don't show the same shapes and colors, I have a couple of south west giant plants and they are all divisions from one plant, they grow with a lot differences from each other, coloration, upright traps, teeth etc. are all showing differences to me, while it's still the same clone and grown under the exact same conditions.

I also have the same issue with some other named Dionaea clones and typical plants from the same mother plant. I don't really know how to explain that, but it just seems to be.

Good luck!

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