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A couple of aberrant pygmy drosera flowers

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Dear all,

yesterday quite a few species were in flower again and due to the long awaited sunshine it was a beautiful display of different colours. Here I want to show a couple of plants which were somewhat unusual.

First of all a D. callistos with a flower bud more or less without inflorescence:


The plant came originally with the ID D. hyperostigma to me but as you can see it is a D. callistos:


The flower bud will open tomorrow but as I will work long hours tomorrow I will not get to see it.

Then I had about half a dozen open D. lasiantha flowers, one of which was off colour:


Here is a close up of the pale flower:


This is a normal coloured flower:


The plant with the pale flower had flowered before and as I used it for a hybridization experiment I am sure the previous flowers were normal. I had a similar observation with D. menziesii ssp. basifolia last year but in that case I was not sure whether I had seen the previous flowers. This season all flowers looked normal again.

Best regards


Edit: I corrected the ID of the first plants.

Edited by Dieter
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Whao! , the white lasiantha flower is great.

I don' think the other flower was D.swelliae

here a photo of d.swelliae flower


but it could be D.callisto,

look at the photo of mine (it's a brootown form)



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Enviable flowers! When does D. lasiantha and sewellae normally flower? I started gemmae this winter and while the plants look fine there is no sign of flower scapes.

Picture004-9.jpgD. lasiantha

Picture004-10.jpgD. sewellae

These pictures are several weeks old.

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Both flower starting in their second season for me. D. sewelliae is one of the earlier (spring) flowering species, D. lasiantha follows later in the season. I know a lot of patience is needed to wait until then, but once they flower, you won't regret it :mad:

Species like citrina, sewelliae, barbigera and some others flowered quite a while ago. The D. citrina seeds are already harvested.



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Some of my lasiantha and sewelliae are flowerring in the first year but most will do it in the second. It all depends on the time of year the gemmae germinated and on how fast you can grow them.

Your photo quality is impressive, Dieter!

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