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Drosera barbigera in flower!

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This is the first time that I see a D.barbigera flower...and it's amazing!!

Last time one of them flowered was some weeks ago but unfortunately I missed it...but this morning I noticed this...


and during lunch time I went home and when I saw this I felt breathless...



The strange thing is that the plant made a very short stalk with a single flower...whereas the other one I missed had a long stalk with a cluster of 4-5 flowers...


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congratulations! She is a real beauty! I have few plants of this species for 1st season from gemmae, and cant wait to see them in flower (especially after what I saw your pics)

thanx for sharing!

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Lovely! Thanks for sharing! I missed most of my flowers this season :sad:

By the way, I never saw such a short inflorescence on this species as it is on your first picture. The other one looks more typical to me.

Best regards


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What a lovely flower!

I am still amazed that those tiny plants can put out such a stunning show.

My first pygmy drosera are yet to flower, I can't wait!

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