Leaning pitchers

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My first Sarracenia is growing well, but rather than being nice and erect the larger pitchers are leaning in all directions at about 45 degrees from vertical. It's as if the pitchers' narrow stems cannot support their weight.

Is this normal? I did wonder if a denser compost might help by providing more support at the bottom of the pitchers (it's currently in live sphagnum moss which is quite soft and loose).

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Could be that you need more light. Sarracenia are real sun-worshippers and will benefit from as much direct sunlight as you can possibly give them. I've found that keeping then in shadow even for a few hours a day can result in weak floppy pitchers.

Where do you keep them?

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What is the exact species? Some will grow floppy spring pitchers as the norm.

Yes, S. rubra for instance.

Why live sphagnum moss? I would use that for heliamphora but sarracenia are usually potted into a peat and perlite mix.

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Why live sphagnum moss?

It's what it happened to be planted in when I bought it. I do have a 2nd Sarracenia in peat/perlite but that's only just started to send up its shoots - it will be interesting to see if its pitchers stay up better.

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