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ppm for TC


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Under the name ppm or plant preservative mixture I can't find a ccmpany to order it from.

For the MS I found that SIGMA sells it so I can tell my chemist where to look but for ppm I can't find anything.

So what company produces/sells it?

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Producent of PPM is plant cell technology, from US, you can buy it from it's distributors.



Active ingredients of PPM are two izothiazolines stabilised with Mg salts, and enhanced with benzoic acid and citric acid as a pH buffer. They can be bought separately and mixed to solution of PPM. I use made in that way PPM from 2 years and i don't see any difference in work. [i bought also some of "american" PPM]


/PPM is useful if you are starting with TC and don't have laminar flow hood, or you don't use it too much, and know both adventages and disadventages from using it.

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If you are a TC beginner, I highly recommend you use some PPM. There is not significant difference in plants' growth with or without PPM, if you dont overdo it. It will help you reduce the contamination in jars and more successful cultures will encourage you for further work (instead of possibly high contamination rate, which can be very discouraging for some at the beginning). Later, when you master correct procedure and habits, you can omit PPM and see if it improves your work, while keeping the contamination rate down:-) Good luck!

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I done mine first TC tries without PPM and i had succes without laminar flow hood- but 5% of airborne contamination is normal, this rate incrased with age of cultures. Trying without for beggining should be also very regarding experiance :)

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