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Here is a picture of my S. popei X Slacks Maxima, it has 32 flower heads!

and No, I havent pollinated them. :biggrin:

:on_the_quiet: The most I have on one plant is 3!

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Fantastic plant!

By the way...I was wrong...that S.x rehderi on 2007 had more tha 100 flowers...I don't know the situation for this spring...unfortunately I can't find a picture of it.

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Wow so many flowers mrAlmond! Brilliant!!

Great looking flava too, mine have quite a way to go before getting to that stage!

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Thanks for finding that picture mrAlmond, the rehderi is beautiful.

Yes Andy it should have been divided but I have had so many to do this year this one has escaped.

I had a leucophila with a lot of flowers last year but it payed the price by producing few pitchers, this year I have split it to rejuvinate whats left.

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