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drosera tissue culture pictures (update)

dudo klasovity

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Hi, I took some pics of selected jars. Many plants are growing fast, so I wanted to take pictures before I deflask them. Hope you like the pictures! :girl_angel:

drosera spatulata 'green' (a very neglected jar)


drosera admirabilis, clumping very nicely without hormones


drosera ascendens 'red form' going crazy inside


drosera peltata on tuberisation medium


drosera auriculata on ordinary medium, plants are losing stability without roots, need for tubers initiation


drosera ascendens "Itarare, Sao Paulo,Brasil'


drosera tomentosa var. glabrata "Serro do Caraca,MG,Brasil'


drosera natalensis 'Kwa-Zulu Land,Natal,South Africa'


drosera rotundifolia


drosera broomensis x ordensis seeds sprouted a few days ago


genlisea violacea 'Couto de Magalhaes,MG,Brasil) germination (sorry for blurry pic)


...and not much to see here yet, but still very excited to see d. hirtella var. lutescens 'Cristalina, Goias State,Brasil' commencing germination:-)


...and this one is not carnivorous, just trying to produce some Sequoia sempervirens plantlets for my coleague from work. So far no contamination, which surprised me with no PPM and large seeds with rough surface. Any idea how long it takes for them to germinate?


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MFS: I use combination of 'rich media' and longer light period, but it does not work for all species I grow, there are some chemicals that can be used I am sure

natapong: mostly 16hr/day, 2x T5 white fluorescent. For g. violacea same as for sundews (they grow together in the wild), but not sure whether this will work since this is my first experiment with this genus. Just trying:-)

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