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Ptari tepui

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Here the last part of my Ptari fieldtrip report.

While the tepuis themselves are like islands in the rainforest, on top of the mountains the plants form little plant islands - in water or on the bare rock, as a first stage of colonizing these harsh spots.

H. heterodoxa and D. roraimae in a small cushion of debris:


Brocchinia tatei (non-carnivorous) on nearly bare rock:


and in a small pool on a moss island (the water in these pools is close to distilled water)


As these islands grow, bigger plants like this Stegolepis find some place to settle:


A Tillandsia and some heath plants in a beautiful plant island with Heliamphora and Drosera:


Not sure how long it takes for such an island to get as big as the following, but many years for sure. After all, they grow together to bigger fields (as seen in the background), where first trees (Bonnetia sp.) find a home.


These "trees" are of course very small and stunted. Nevertheless, they give home to other epiphytic plants:



and form beautiful dwarf "forrests"



In the end some of my favourite plants - Utricularia :Laie_71mini:

First, U. quelchii at the foot of this Heliamphora "trunk"


For sure one of the most beautiful, colourful species:


Much smaller, but also pretty - U. pubescens, a common species on most of the tepuis, looking a little bit different on each mountain:


And finally, one of the few animals on Ptari - a little frog on a Heliamphora:


Thats all - at least from Ptari ;-)



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More fantastic pics Martin. There are some wonderful species, growing in remarkable surroundings but I think that our of all of them, U. quelchii must be my favourite, with such vibrant colours. The more I see this species, the more I want one. I feel a custom terrarium coming on :Laie_71mini:

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That must have been a great trip.

Some of those photos look like a scene straight out of Jurassic Park.

Thanks again for sharing!

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What a treat, thanks again for sharing.

And hey, in the water in picture 5 one can see Jesus. :girl_angel:

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I really like picture travel reports from places I will probably never have a chance to visit personally. Just beautiful, always enjoy pictures from Tepuis. Such a strange and different environment. Thanx for sharing!:-)

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What a treat, thanks again for sharing.

And hey, in the water in picture 5 one can see Jesus. :tu:

I see what you mean.... although I think it was more a generic Neanderthal or one of the cavemen from insurance ad.

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