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Flower buds and seedlings

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some plants are about to flower soon, i couldn`t wait to share them. And some nice seeds also germinated for me.

As the biggest succes i consider a flower buds on one of my Drosera cistiflora. Since the plants are barely 2 years old, i think this is quite good result :smile:

Whole plant:


And a flower buds:


I have also a nice flower bud on my Pinguicula crystallina ssp. hirtiflora "Kelcyre, Albania". It surprised me, because the plant is really small.


Some promised seedlings - D. arcturi "Vic form" germinated very well, quite a lot of plants appeared.


Also D. linearis has surprised me pleasantly - 10 seeds = 10 seedlings


With these i would use some advice - i have sown seeds of D. whittakeri and D. macrantha ssp. planchonii at the same time and seeds in pot labeled D. macrantha ssp. planchonii germinated. But they look quite strange to my eyes, i guess that i mislabeled the pots and this is D. whittakeri. What do you think?


D. cuneifolia "Table mountain, RSA" is quite older, from September 2009, they look like this right now.


And D. hilaris, which does not have any flower bud or it is not a seedling, but i like this plant :laugh:


And this is the end, i hope you like the pictures. :smile:

Good growing


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You certainly have the non-everyday plants!

Thank you Jimscott, i have taken some other photos today:

D. cistiflora almost, but not yet


P. crystallina ssp. hirtiflora already in full flower


And some others - D. villosa and D. camporupestris will be flowering too



D. erythrorhiza ssp. erythrorhiza and ssp. magna from australian tubers, i keep them in basement so i can grow them in controlled conditions (and they should not go dormant too soon)



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Hey Adam!

Great pictures indeed! All the plants look terriffic! I see you PVC tube cut-offs work pretty well for species with long roots:-) Cant wait to see d. cistiflora opened flower. :rolleyes: Maybe I come visit you with a big bag ready! LOL

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