Another new Nepenthes species from the Philippines

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Hi all,

in 2007, Stewart McPherson, Volker Heinrich and myself encountered a possible new Nepenthes taxon on Mt. Hamiguitan on Mindanao island, Philippines.

In January 2010, I revisited the type locality together with Andreas Wistuba to study the plants again. The description of this new species is now in progress and will appear in Stewarts new book, "Carnivorous Plants and their Habitats".

The species grows in montane forest habitats and exhibits (sometimes) spectacular infundibular white upper pitchers.

Find enclosed some photos.






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Interesting, is that the same plants that was thought to be a hybrids between N. peltata and N. micramphora?



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Yes indeed; these are the "hybrids". We found the plants on the same tour where we discovered N.micramphora.

But based on the observations on the type locality (that I revsited this year to substantiate our findings), we consider this taxon as a species as of now. It has several morphological features that the parents have not, there are numerous uniform individuals (too much for a hybrid) and it breeds true from seed.

Nevertheless, it cannot be ruled out that this is a species with hybridogenous origin (like - probably - N.hurrelliana).



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sorry for the late reply. Of course no seed grown plant has flowered in culture yet.


- we found several seedling plants of that species at the type locality

- we found additionally other plants in different stages of development, all bearing already upper pitchers

- a seedling plant in culture (from seed collected in 2007) is for sure from that species

Taken these findings together we can be pretty sure that the species is reproducing happily.



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The new species will be named "Nepethes hamiguitanensis"; the description (i.e. Stewart's book) is more or less in press.

Hopefully, the description will be presented together with some plants at the ICPS.

I would like to thank all co-authors for their contribution:

Andreas Wistuba, Stewart McPherson, Volker Heinrich, Francois Mey and Victor Amoroso.

Furthermore, I thank Andreas Fleischmann for critically reading the manuscript.

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This species has been formerly described and the description will be published in Stewart McPherson new books. These will be available in the following days.

"Nepenthes hamiguitanensis (Nepenthaceae), a new pitcher plant from Mindanao Island, Philippines". 2010. Gronemeyer T., A. Wistuba, V. Heinrich, S. McPherson, F. Mey, V. Amoroso. In: S.R. McPherson. Carnivorous Plants in their Habitats. Redfern Natural History Productions Ltd., Poole (Appendix).

All the best,


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