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Here are a few shots of a number of my Cephalotus on a rare "sunny day"!


Adrian Slack Clone (!980s)


Adrian Slack in full sun!


Phil Mann Clone (1998)


German Giant Clone


Big Boy Clone


Hummers Giant Clone


Dudley Watts Clone


My own cross between Adrian Slack & Phil Mann


Another from the same seedlings growing side by side.



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Really nice collection of Cephs and great photos too. All you seem to be missing is Eden Black!! Wish I could get hold of a Dudley Watts or Hummers Giant myself so far have only been able to acquire Big Boy.

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Thanks for the nice comments everyone! :laugh1:

Greg- I usually use a mix of peat and sand 75/25 and have been adding perlite more recently. Leaf cuttings and a few small plants are in LFS.

The pots tend to be fairly small and I find that it is once the plant starts to get a bit potbound that the size of the pitchers increase. Each plant has its own saucer and I tend to top it up every few days after it has dried out. Keeping the plants a little drier in winter.

Jim- Yes that is the first flower scrape of the season.



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Ah, how I've missed looking at the great cp pictures on the forum :laugh: Lovely bunch of cephs there Phil and great piccies of them.


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