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who catches who

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This is a fantastic 'at the right moment pic'!

Who ended up with what in the end?


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locust hides from mantis inside the pitcher ....LOL, here we call it stepping from mud into the puddle:-) (aka from smoke into smother:-)))

or here in UK. 'Out of the frying pan into the fire'

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I wonder what (if anything) is going through the grasshopper/crickets mind!!

perhaps: bollocks...

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Though which would be worst; your head eaten while you are still alive or a slow death while being digested?

The mantis will do this quite fast.

Btw ... the story of the foto is still not finished. First the mantis missed the grasshopper and this climbed up the nep and is now sitting since hours on the pitcher and the mantis is sitting also there since hours waiting for the hopper. Now the light turned out. So maybe they'll still sit there tomorrow morning :wink:

Many thanks for the nice comments!

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