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some petiolaris drosera

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today I took some pictures of my petiolaris drosera. I hope you like them...

D. aff. lanata 'Flying Fox'


D. aff. lanata 'Flying Fox' other plant


D. aff. ordensis 'Theda Station'


D. broomenis '19km S of Derby, Kimberley'


D. broomensis 'Nimalaica Claypan Lake region, near Broome, Kimberley'


D. broomensis 'Barred Creek, Kimberley'


D. broomensis '4-mile, east of Broome, Kimberley, W.A.'


D. broomensis ‘N of Taylors Lagoon, Kimberley, W.A.’


D.broomensis “'turn-off to Taylors Lagoon, east of Broome, Kimberley, Western Australia


D. derbyensis 'Yampi Peninsular'


D. derbyensis ‘Winjana, Kimberley, W. A.’


Best regards,


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Wow those are some 1st class pet's complex drosera! Wasnt aware of the fact that d. broomensis is soooo variable depending on specific location! Thank you for sharing these wonderful pictures! :D

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Hallo Matthias,

I like your plants. They look vert healthy and powerfull.

I'm just wondering what kind of grid you use to cover the soil? I'm looking for a while to find some good grid for my plants, but every type of mineral I found, seems to be calcerous. I've read that for D. Falconerii that ain't a problem, how is that for other Petiolaris plants?

2nd question is about the potsize you used. Have they large root systems like pygmies or does the size not realy matter. I'm very curious for the set up you have. Do you have pictures of it?

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